LED vs. Halogen – When should you upgrade your halogens to LED?


When it comes to lighting your homes and businesses upgrading your halogen lights with LED not only is more energy efficient saving you money in both your electricity bills and having to replace your lights constantly.

Problems found with halogen lights

Outdated Technology: Halogen lights operate at high temperatures and consume a lot of energy creating heat

Heat Stress: Halogen lights can reach really high temperatures causing the not only the light fitting to heat up but it’s surrounding areas which can pose a fire risk if it goes unnoticeable.

Shorter Lifespan: Halogen globes have a much shorter lifespan compared to LED globes/ Halogen globes can typically last around 2000 – 4000 hours

Why choose LED?

Long Lifespan: LED lights last much longer than Halogen lights. They can last up to 75,000 hours depending on how the light is used.

Energy Efficient: Compared to using halogens LED globes use up much less power and save a lot in energy consumption. Halogen lights use a lot of energy to heat up the light rather than produce light where as LED lights convert 95% of energy to light and the other 5% to heat. This in turn allows cheaper energy bills overall, reduced power demand and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Saving Money: Initially when changing to LED lighting it will cost higher then others but over time you start to see savings in your money as they have to be changed much less due to their long life span and lower energy bills.

Where To Start?

If your interested in changing from halogen to LED in in Bentleigh we can help you get started – just contact us at Dependant Electrical!

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